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15 New Technology Designs Coming in 2020 a new technology

A wide array of new technology designs out there are offering options for safer travel, a sharper mind, and all the fun you didn’t know you could have!
Along with this are several tech designs ready to take their shot at changing the way we live in 2020.

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Featured 2020 Technologies ⭐
00:00 Intro
00:27 Looking Glass Holographic Workstation

Starts at $599
1:06 Lifesaber

Starts at $99
1:53 Artiphon Orba

Starts at $99
2:36 FOCI: Focus Boosting Wearable

3:24 Quirky Air

4:23 Bosch Virtual Visor

5:04 Roav Bolt

More tech from Roav

5:53 JBL Reflect Eternal Headphones

More tech from JBL

6:43 Pocketalk Translator

Pocketalk Classic $199


8:05 Mojo-Vision Mojo Lens

8:56 DEAnsect

9:47 SkyTrek Smart Luggage

Starts at $418
10:47 Tilt Five Holographic Gaming System

Starts at $299
11:58 Qwake C-Thru Mask


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15 New Technology Designs coming in 2020
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15 New Technology Designs Coming in 2020

15 New Technology Designs Coming in 2020

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15 New Technology Designs Coming in 2020
a new technology
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50 thoughts on “15 New Technology Designs Coming in 2020 a new technology”

  1. La mente es más poderosa que la tecnología sin embargo nos entretienen con tecnología para que nos olvidemos de usar la mente y de eso ya se encarga la AI o IA ( inteligencia artificial)

  2. So we got a suitcase some phone apps some speakers. A contact lense a car visor and a coffee table. Wheres the rocket boots?! Laser guns? Robot slaves? Actual virtual reality?!!! Wheres the good stuff?!!

  3. Why can they put a small boom mic on the JBL headphones for closer sound, when using with the phone, as the other person can not hear you clearly.
    the mic is too far away from the mouth. Why can’t companies understand that this is needed as we go into noisy areas and public places

  4. Interactive shoes from China able to change color an patterns on logo as as well as open up an close from a app on your phone . Really cool, until your robbed an killed for your ridiculously overpriced shoes. Ah Ah!

  5. IMO, technological advancements have not done any favors for the good of humanity. People care more about their phones than each other. Interestingly, it happened during my lifetime. I am 61, and I can recall the days of one tv (NO computers, microwaves, etc) with 13 channels and no remote control. When I was growing up, life was about playing OUTSIDE with my friends, having dinner at a table with my (dysfunctional) family, and going to school where the curriculum actually taught me useful skills. Every winter I notice there are no snowmen in the neighborhood yards. In the summer, I notice there are no kids playing tag or kickball. My heart is broken for my grandchildren and for all children. My generation came up hard (but happy.) We wanted our kids to have it easier, but we messed up by making things too easy for them. Now, when it is their turn to lead, they refuse to take the baton we keep trying to pass them. Grown men live with their moms in senior communities while women try to work and raise their children alone. It's been a recipe for disaster, and that is exactly what it became. I wonder if these unemployed men and overwhelmed women are part of the reason why both presidential candidates are almost 80 YEARS OLD! The only hope I see for this world is that the children growing up now will have hated their lonely existences enough to turn things around (and push technology away), esp when they have children. It is a longshot, but you never know. I sincerely pray it is not too late.

  6. No 5 is good but I don't like to put in my eye/can you think use holograms Face to see for that kind product,I don't know what will you change to use that,but make sure for Men and Boy is not a girl Gadget,End

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