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How Venmo Makes Money make money online kenya


Venmo has revolutionized the way pay each other back. From sending roommates the rent check to reimbursing friends for dinner, people ‘Venmo’ each other all the time. But have you ever wondered how this fun, emoji laden payments app actually makes money? Well, for years, it hasn’t. But now Venmo is on the cusp of profitability for its parent company, Paypal.

Concerns remain about privacy for users and security for their money. And many on Wall Street are still waiting to see whether this millennial digital payments phenomenon is just flash in the pan or if it’s really here to stay. Bill Ready, Paypal’s COO and the man who brought the once no name app to mainstream fame invited CNBC to Venmo’s New York offices to get a look inside how the payment app works.

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NOTE: On April 24, 2019 (a day after this video was published), PayPal revealed for the first time that Venmo has 40 million users. In the video above, CNBC cited eMarketer, which had estimated 27.4 million Venmo users as of April 2018..

In its first-quarter 2019 earnings report, PayPal said it now has a total 277 million total customer accounts — including 22 million merchant accounts. Total payments volume for Venmo grew 73 percent year over year to $21 billion in the first quarter, the company said. The company said Venmo is still on pace to do $100 billion in payment volume this year.

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How Venmo Makes Money .

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How Venmo Makes Money

How Venmo Makes Money

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How Venmo Makes Money
make money online kenya
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