So sánh những khác biệt giữa Digital Marketing và Traditional Marketing digital marketing

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✅ For more information, please visit: ✅ Hotline: 082.999.6886 – 082.999.6633 —————– Compare the differences between digital marketing and traditional marketing Is digital Can marketing completely replace traditional marketing? These debates, fights, or studies continue to take place without answering the above question. Many people think that, for most marketing campaigns that technology can do, traditional marketing is no longer used much. Most recently, the prestigious Newsweek magazine switched its entire publication to an electronic magazine causing a huge wave in the marketing world. Over the years, traditional marketing costs have been cut by 160%, while digital marketing has increased by 14%. So what are the differences and advantages of digital marketing compared to traditional marketing? ——————- ════════╗ HAS COMPLETED THE LESSON HBR USES ONE PICTURE PICTURE ON GOOGLE, IF ANY PROBLEM RELATED TO PHOTOS, MUSIC… CONTACT ║ WITH ME AT TO SOLVE ║. WE WILL WORK TOGETHER IN THE MOST COOPERATIVE COOPERATIVE PERSON possible. THANK YOU!! DON’T CONTACT ONLY ON MARKETING, GET BUILD A PROFESSIONAL SALES SYSTEM ⁉ Small and medium-sized businesses are still struggling to find answers to the questions: – How will the business attract new customers? – How will the business sell its products/services? – How will the business strengthen the relationship with customers? 🔥 The biggest mistake is that businesses are focusing on Marketing Strategy, developing market research and products to be able to market products to consumers, but forget a decisive success strategy. Failure of Marketing strategy: BUILDING A SALES SYSTEM 👉 Professional & clear sales system will help orient sales activities, create synchronization between Marketing department and sales department. Effective sales systems mean delivering unique value to customers and gaining a competitive advantage. From there, businesses will bring customers a great experience, increase customer return, bring longer customer lifetime value to the business. 🔔With the desire to bring solutions to the board of directors, senior managers in the company on this issue, HBR Business School has collaborated with Dr. Alok Bharadwaj – Former Senior Vice President, in charge of strategy at Canon Asia, where he has run and developed business in 23 countries building the program: “DESIGN, OPERATE AND OPTIMATE SALE SYSTEMS. PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS” Register for a consultation and view offers at: 📣PROGRAM CONTENT: Part 1: Effective sales strategy – Sales focus – Sales orientation – Business plan Part 2: Implementation of activities Sales activities -Synchronization of sales strategy -Sales organization structure -Sales process – Sales channel Part 3: Sales performance evaluation – Recruiting and training sales team – Sales policy Offer – Report & evaluate sales activities 📣 TIME & LOCATION: – Hanoi: 9am – 5pm, August 17-18, 2019 2nd floor, Super Candle Hotel, 287 Doi Can, Ba Communal House, Hanoi – Ho Chi Minh: 9am-17pm, Aug 21-22, 2019 Tulip Room 9th Floor, Sen Viet Hotel, 33 Cao Thang, Ward 2, District 3, HCMC ☎ Hotline: 082.999.6886 – 082,999,6633 📣 Tuition Fees New Students: 7,000,000/ Ticket 🎁 Discount for registration Note before August 1, 2019: 1 ticket: 6,500,000 / 2 – 4 tickets: 6,200,000 / 5 tickets or more: 6,000,000 / ticket ☎ Hotline: 082.999.6886 – 082.999.6633 For more details, see: COURSE BENEFITS – Master the fundamental knowledge, the necessary elements to build and deploy the Sales system methodically and effectively, thereby synchronizing with the marketing activities of the business. Karma. – Catching the big trends shaping the global business in order to build a Sales system that fits the context and catches the trend. – Proficiently use tools and forms to evaluate and measure the progress and effectiveness of sales work. – Solve problems, give strategic advice to leaders and businesses. 🔰 ABOUT THE TEACHER: Dr. ALOK Dr. Alok Bharadwaj served as Senior Vice President, Strategy, Canon Asia, where he has run and grown businesses in 23 countries. Member of the advisory board of the Harvard Business Review. Currently the CEO of consulting firm CreoVate. Register for advice & details at: 🏠 HBR Business School ☎ HOTLINE 082.999.6633 – 082.999.6886 📍 15th floor, CTM Building, 139 Cau Giay, Hanoi 👉 Please leave your phone number & information EMAIL for direct support advice.

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So sánh những khác biệt giữa Digital Marketing và Traditional Marketing

So sánh những khác biệt giữa Digital Marketing và Traditional Marketing

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So sánh những khác biệt giữa Digital Marketing và Traditional Marketing
digital marketing
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